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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Freel Peak - Lost in an Aspen Grove

Lost in an aspen grove while hiking Freel Peak - What a high!

When choosing which route to take to Freel Peak, chose wisely.  I've taken the Armstrong Trail several times, (which is a longer forested journey) but last weekend we took the shorter ascent straight up the draw.  This route is about an hour shorter than taking the Armstrong Trail, (only 2 hours to the saddle versus 3 hours) but it climbs a very steep and sandy draw along the creek which is very strenuous.  Be careful in this aspen grove because it's easy to lose your way.  It could be nerve racking for some, but if you stop to feel the vibe of the natural beauty, it's a magical experience!  I can't wait to visit this spot in the fall to see the foliage in full bloom!

To get here take Oneidas to the very end of the road and go straight through the forest service gate.  Trail begins on a dirt road which quickly turns into the trail.

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