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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pacific Rim Street Festival, Old Town Sacramento

I should have written about my plans for last weekend earlier but I had no idea that I would want to share it with my readers until it was too late. A group of close friends decided that we would put a couple of casual bike rides on the calendar for the summer months. Last Sunday was the first with a ride along the American River Bike Trail.

We decided to start at the underpass of Howe Avenue on La Riviera Drive and ride to the Pacific Rim Street Festival in Old Town Sacramento, .  We gathered at 11:00 and rode about 11 miles to the festival.  We crossed the Guy West Bridge, (at Sac State) which takes you from the south side of the American River to the north side and rode passed the Campus Commons Golf Course and under the Capital City Freeway.  You may even get lucky enough to ride under the railroad bridge while a train is crossing overhead!  When we arrived in Discovery Park, we took the Jibboom St. bridge through Tiscornia Park into Old Town.

We arrived just in time to get lunch at one of the many street vendors serving up delicious plates.  I opted for the chicken rice bowl from Fats.  After we ate, we strolled around to the many venues to watch performances by dancers, musicians and martial arts students.  I think my favorite was the hula dancers, but I know that one of my best friends enjoyed the drummers, thus earning the nickname "drum nut".

 After a well earned ice cream cone at Gunther's, we decided to head back.  Luckily, the wind was at our backs for the return trip.  Too late for this year, but not too late to plan to visit this fun event next year!

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