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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jenkinson Lake Waterfall

I just love El Dorado County.  There are hidden gems all over the place if you are just willing to get out and explore a little.  The perfect example was Sunday when we took a hike on the trail that goes around Jenkinson Lake.  We've done this hike before - all the way around the lake, we've camped at the lake, we've fished and boated on the lake and I've also kayaked on the lake, but I never saw the waterfall that feeds the lake.  It is quite an impressive waterfall for a small lake and well worth a few miles out and back.  Makes a fun and easy/flat half day adventure.  Pick up the trail head off the Mormon Emigrant Trail just past the dam.  Hike for about and hour and 15 minutes to the bridge then head up stream.  You can't miss it.  It's just a few hundred feet from the bridge.  The swimming hole at the base is the perfect place to have lunch before heading back.

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