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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Pacific Coast Trail - You Can Do Small Segments

If you're on your way to South Lake Tahoe and need to get our and stretch your legs after sitting in the car for hours, I suggest a hike on the PCT.  Yesterday we had some chores to do at our property in South Lake but wanted to get in a short hike before the work began, so we stopped at the Snow Park at Echo Lake Summit.  The parking lot is right next to the PCT.  The snow park lot is closed in summer but there are a dozen or so parking spots available outside the gate and off the highway.

We did a quick out-and-back of about 6 miles total round trip.  The trail is marked really well so just pay attention to the signage and you can't get lost.  This segment of the PCT is actually where the PCT and Tahoe Rim Trail, (TRT) merge for a while.

It's a beautiful segment of the PCT with relatively soft footing while in the forest and it's not long before you are out of hearing range of HWY 50 and rewarded with distant views of Lake Tahoe.  We encountered some pretty large old growth cedar trees and enjoyed gazing at the granite cliffs and outcroppings along the way.

It's not long before you come to this saddle where you can see across towards Carson Pass with Round Top in the background.

As you gain in elevation, you begin to see Lake Tahoe again including the the airport.

You can see that we are climbing a pretty steep slope towards the other side of the valley.

It began to level out at about mile 3 where you cross over the creek that feeds the South Upper Truckee on the east side of the divide.  We didn't get much farther before the clock caught up with us and we had to return to do our chores, bummer!

As has been typical this year, we got caught in some afternoon showers so always be prepared with your rain gear!

LOVE this hike because of it's ease of access and ability to go as far as you want.  So easy to do on any trip to or from Lake Tahoe!  Get outdoors and recreate!!